Song Testimonials

This is the first lighthouse Ronny saw after he wrote the song, "The Lighthouse".

It has been forty years since the song, The Lighthouse, won the coveted Dove and Fan Awards. Help me celebrate THE YEAR OF THE LIGHTHOUSE.



One of the hardest questions to answer is the one that is asked over and over again, “Ronny, of all the songs you have written, which one is your favorite?”  Of course, a writer’s songs are like his children, he’s going to defend them all.  The parents of children do not measure their love for their children according to their skills or physical challenges.  As a songwriter, you must place the blame or credit for the way they are (all their attributes or lack of) on your own shoulders.

I choose for one reason only to call The Lighthouse my favorite song of all I’ve written.  It was the first song I wrote of any notoriety and therefore its longevity has afforded thousands of testimonies to its effectiveness in everyday life situations.  So if you have a testimony of what The Lighthouse has meant to you please share it with us all. Or, maybe yours is another song that I’ve written that has blessed your life in a special way.  We’d love to hear about it!

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