Song Writer’s Workshop


I am so excited to announce my new personal one on one song writing workshop.  I say it’s new but it’s actually a program that was offered for years.  It has been very beneficial to many writers who went on in their careers as song writers to write some of the most well loved songs in gospel music.

I directed my attention on to other aspects of my ministry and phased the workshop out several years ago.  Still, everywhere I travel to sing, I have many inquiries about my workshop so it is back.  Already writers who feel they need my personal help are taking advantage of this rare opportunity.  They are allowing me to share with them what I’ve taught and what I’ve learned in approximately 44 years of song writing.

This is a unique and rare way to move ahead years in your ability to craft a song.  Email or call today for pricing and availability to set up your appointment in Nashville, TN with me, Ronny Hinson a song writer God and the gospel music community have honored with:

·        Numerous fan awards,
·        The coveted Dove Award,
·        Many Dove Award nominations,
·        Awarded song writer of the year four consecutive years, with many number 1, top 5 and top 10 songs to my credit,
·        And along with my family’s singing, my song writing played an important role in my induction into the G.M.A. Hall of Fame.

Though I am committed to the privacy of those whom I have worked with on their skills, my greatest reward has been to sit back and watch them receive their awards for daring to take their skills to another level.  There are limited appointment blocks and certain basic skill level requirements but if you are one of those that recognize your limited skills and want to be challenged let’s go for it.

I’ve always lived by this philosophy you’ll never know what you can do until you try, but you do know what you can do if you don’t.



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